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1302 Waugh Dr., #153
Houston, TX 77019

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Image-place-SQ.png judge chuck silverman
Image-place-SQ.png judge chuck silverman

Welcome to, the official website of Judge Chuck Silverman, who is running for Justice, Place 3 on the 14th Court of Appeals. Learn about Judge Silverman's experience and commitment to justice, and why he's the best candidate and deserves your VOTE!

Judge Chuck Silverman is a highly experienced lawyer with over 36 years of practice in the legal industry. He has served as the Presiding Judge of the 183rd Criminal District Court and was also appointed as an Associate Judge. Chuck is a certified mediator and has helped numerous clients resolve their legal disputes amicably. He has also worked as the General Counsel for a multinational corporation, where he gained valuable experience in corporate law. In addition to his legal career, Chuck is a successful business owner, a devoted husband, and a proud father. He is committed to upholding justice and fairness for all and believes in the importance of integrity and professionalism in the legal field. Chuck's vast knowledge and experience make him the ideal candidate for Justice of the 14th Court of Appeals, Place 3 in Texas. Vote for Judge Chuck Silverman!

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